B2B Lead Gen: Tips to Improve Your Social Media Effectiveness

Social media is a lead generating beast that cannot be ignored. According to Shane Barker by 2021, the total number of social network users is expected to reach 3.02 billion. This monster network is only growing and has become a B2B tech marketers playground for lead generation.


How Tech Marketers Are Using Social Today

Based on our 2019 State of the Industry Report an overwhelming 82% of tech marketers are currently using social media as a lead generation tactic although only 3% regard it as their best lead source. It’s not a strategy to use as a single point of contact, but rather in conjunction with meatier methods such as email campaigns, blogging and good old-fashioned trade shows.

Social Media Effectiveness Graph with the most at 20% ranking social media as a 5 out of 10.


However, our respondents' social media effectiveness scores were all over the map, averaging out at 4.9 out of 10. That’s a pretty unimpressive score for the 2nd most popular marketing tactic. How can tech companies turn this mediocre swing set into their lead gen theme park?


Here are some tips on how to share for maximum social media exposure.


1. If you’re going to post, post with intent!

Posting for posting’s sake is not helping anyone. If you’re constantly mucking up someone’s newsfeed with pointless drivel, you’ll most likely counteract your efforts and the lead will unfollow your company. Before hitting that share button, ask yourself a few questions and take a second to reevaluate.

  • What is the goal? Decide before posting if you want audiences to like, comment or click.
  • Who are you speaking to? Tailor your blurb to one of your personas and where they are in the sales journey. Being focused with your messaging will connect on a personal level.

  • Why should a lead engage with this material? It’s not just about what you want. Think ahead about what the viewer will get out of it.

  • Where are our personas hanging out? Don’t blindly blast across all social apps. Stick to where your personas will actually see your posts.

  • How do they want to view this information? Your posts should be in the format your audience wants and easily digests whether that be video, blog, poll or visual.


2. Break content up to go the distance.

The great thing about tech marketers is that they know their content. Each time your marketing team creates a blog post, you also create a piece of content which can fuel a week’s worth of posts (or more!). Breakup important takeaways from your content and repurpose them into poll questions, infographics or discussion starters to get the most out of your work.

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3. Invest in paid social ads for premium content.

Along the same lines, your premium content can do some extra lifting for your company. Usually this in-depth material is created with the sole purpose of lead generation anyway. Some marketing budget dollars would be well spent on creating an ad campaign highlighting your great new resource, all the while nurturing with unpaid blog post breakdowns to pique interest. (Uh…have we mentioned our 2019 State of the Industry Report yet???)

CTA: Get My Free 2019 Marketing in Tech State of the Industry Report Download


4. Let the numbers tell you what to do.

Analytics are a beautiful thing. Without them, how would marketers ever know exactly how well their best laid plans are performing. Be sure to check your metrics, give time to gain accurate stats and adjust accordingly. The numbers don’t lie. If there is low engagement, something needs to change.

No need to decipher a billion analytics dashboards. A third-party app will make your busy marketing life easier. We recommend HubSpot’s social media performance dashboard as it gives a thorough overview across all platforms. (Bonus: You can schedule posts as well!) Or a tool, such as Databox, will pull in all of your connected accounts into a single, easy-to-read report with room to drill down.

Databox Social Dashboard Example for LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram showing impressions, clicks, etc.


Social media is an easy and inexpensive marketing tactic which was designed to bring people closer together and it’s growing every day. Posting with purpose will ensure that your audience engages with the content you already have and the new informational pieces you create. Not just for personal use anymore, B2B tech marketers are welcome to use the social network as their playground to test and adapt campaigns. It’s time to hit the swings, share your message and bring leads closer to your brand.

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