Six of the Best Landing Page Strategies You Should Steal

A great landing page can make or break your inbound marketing campaign. A well-optimized and high performing landing page will help you to drive more leads and provide an overall higher ROI on your marketing spend and efforts. However, an amazing landing page doesn’t just happen on accident - it’s often the result of a lot of testing, planning and strategy.

If your landing pages are not converting for you, it’s probably worth revisiting your landing pages and adjusting it to drive your message home and make your site convert as highly as possible.

Eliminate Barriers

Most of the time landing pages are used as a destination and conversion page for advertising or other campaigns like email, social or direct outreach. With that in mind, it’s smart to make the landing page singularly focused on the campaign offer and driving users to take action.

While it may make sense to have things like pop-up banners, live chat, and offers on standard marketing pages, on landing pages it adds distractions for your audience. It’s better to leave that stuff off and solely focus on writing great copy and having a clear CTA for visitors.

Remember, make your landing page as simple as possible, but not simpler.

A/B Test Your Message and Layout

A/B testing, or split-testing, allows marketers to change elements on a page and test which method works best for conversion. These tested elements can be your headline, button placement and/or color, and even how copy is displayed.

With split-testing marketers are able to test what kind of messaging and design resonates most with their audience and really provide an experience that drives them to take action.

Use Retargeting

Retargeting (also called remarketing) is a great strategy for staying in front of your audience. With retargeting, marketers can keep your brand in front of website visitors after they leave your site. This is commonly done with display/banner advertisements on social networks and sites that use ad networks to display ads, but can also be used on channels like YouTube.

What’s great about retargeting is that it really extends your visibility to your audience and allows you to re-engage with them off-site--so if a visitor didn’t convert on your landing page you may want to experiment with providing other offers to re-engage with them.

Cut Down on Text

Along the lines of eliminating barriers to taking action, we’re also going to want to cut down on content on the landing page. Having too much copy can be intimidating for a visitor--long form copy, especially on mobile, can be a non-starter and lead to a bounce.

Simplify Your Forms

If you’re asking your visitors to complete 15 required fields on your landing page, you’re likely doing a few things: intimidating users with the large form and leaving conversions on the table.

Yes it’s important to get as much information as you can from your visitors and provide the sales team with everything they need to properly follow up, but your form should only ask for what your sales and marketing teams truly need to have.

Nurture and Engage Your Audience

Don’t just let your visitors go after they convert on your landing page - nurture them through the buyer’s journey with content that will be of value to them. Stay engaged by adding them to an email list or to an automation campaign, follow them on social media, and work on staying top-of-mind.  

Here’s the bottom-line: Landing pages are not a one-size-fits-all thing. Your landing pages should deliver value to your visitors and drive them to take action. By following these strategies you’ll really boost the leads and ROI of your inbound marketing campaigns.

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Jen Lombardi

Written by Jen Lombardi

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