PR Tips for Your B2B Tech Company (plus a free email pitch template!)

Unlike B2C companies, like Starbucks or Adidas, the technology B2B space is more exclusive or super-techy, making public relations efforts a bit more challenging. Tech B2B companies don’t require recognition from the average consumer. Instead,...

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Why marketing data makes tech marketers feel so good

The past couple weeks, I’ve been spending an exorbitant amount of time with data, and I think I’m in love.

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What Tech Marketers Need to Know About Proof Content

 Databox just released their most recent report, and we couldn’t be more excited about the findings.

In the article, The 8 Most Important Factors When Buying Software (According to Marketers), Databox polled dozens of marketing decision-makers to...

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Why is B2B Tech Marketing so Hard?

We all know B2B marketing usually gets the short end of the stick.

Marketing strategy approaches are often lumped in with B2C strategies, only with some slight differences. It’s a logical decision, not an emotional one. You’re selling to...

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Our Secrets to Link Building for Tech Companies

Link building is one of the most challenging aspects of SEO, but possibly has the most pay-off in terms of domain rankings.

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Follow Up Email Templates for B2B Tech Sales

 B2B tech sales is a unique animal. B2B buyers often have to involve multiple decision-makers, and the implementation of a new technology platform can change the very fundamentals of a business.

These complex, technical product offerings often...

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5 Reasons You're Losing Qualified B2B Leads

 Leads are crucial if you want your company to succeed, but many B2B companies are losing leads regularly without even realizing it. The problem is never crystal clear because lead generation relies on so many moving parts.

Your marketing team,...

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The Secret to Creating More Content with More Impact

The internet and social media have changed how organizations interact with prospects. Customers are now relying on blogs, social channels and their own research to determine potential companies to work with, rather than trade shows and...

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ICYMI: Recap of “The State of Tech Marketing after GDPR”

GDPR pandemonium has caused a lot of stress and confusion for tech marketers. How compliant does your organization need to be, even if you don’t do business in the EU?

While not the “sexiest” topic in marketing, it is important for all marketers...

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The Secret Psychology Behind Conversion Optimization

Every tech marketer is dying to know the secret to optimizing conversions and building a lead generation machine with cushy downstream revenues. So what’s the secret? Tell us the secret!

It’s not a simple wave of the magic wand or anything like...

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