We’ve all heard the phrase “content is king,” but keeping up on frequent, engaging content creation can be…well, exhausting.

In fact, simply finding the time to write/produce content was the #1 challenge faced by tech marketers in our recent survey “Content Marketing in the Real World. ” And that's no surprise since 40% of respondents said they try to write multiple blog posts each and every week.

If you find yourself in this category, don’t panic. We have some suggestions for fresh content that can help take your blog to the next level without spending hours writing new posts.

Revive Existing Content

Instead of creating brand-new content, why not revive old blog posts, especially if they've reached a traffic plateau?

Since 56% of our survey respondents said that SEO was a "must have" when creating content, this makes the most since for:

  1. Blog posts that were getting lots of views, but have lost organic traffic over the past few months
  2. Blog posts that are ranking on "page 2" of SERPs, but might get boosted to the first page with some TLC.
  3. Blog posts that are chocked full of high-intent, high-volume keywords, but aren't ranking at all for some reason.

Already identified your top priority blogs to rework? Awesome! According to HubSpot, you should:

  • Target new keywords
  • Update the on-page SEO
  • Update the body content
  • Internally link to new content
  • Add and optimize new images and videos
  • Fix the format
  • Correct typos and improve readability
  • Update the blog post with a new date
  • Reindex your blog post with Google

Recruit Guest Bloggers

Don't bare the burden of writing blog posts all by yourself—enlist SMEs from within your company or outside industry thought leaders to be guest bloggers! 

That said, don't expect these people to produce polished, publish-ready posts. Instead, use them for their subject matter expertise and be prepared to play editor. 

Have a guest blogger in mind, but afraid they won't agree to writing a whole blog post? Instead of asking them to write something from scratch, why don't you:

  • Develop an online survey with short-text response blocks
  • Schedule a Q&A-style phone interview 
  • Create an outline and highlight sections where you want them to elaborate with technical details

At the end of the day, you'll get the majority of the content you need and they won't feel the pressure of starting from a blank page.

Get Creative

Be honest: are your blogs 1,500+ word written posts? Or do you use visuals throughout to keep the reader engaged?

Instead of simply writing words, bring them to life through visuals like:

  • Charts and graphs to display data
  • Icons for subheadings
  • Graphic CTA banners
  • Embellished pull quotes
  • Simple infographs
  • Animated GIFs
  • Videos
  • Screenshots
  • Slideshare presentations


Curious what other tech marketers are doing for content marketing beyond blogging? Download our free report, “Content Marketing in the Real World."

Tech Marketing Survey Series: Content Marketing in the Real World