The Two Best Places a Tech Company Should Insert CTAs

Not sure where to place your “sign up for a free demo” all-to-action (CTA) on your blog posts? You’re not alone…many technology marketing managers are hesitant on CTA placement for the fear of missing out on conversions.

Below are some statistics on website visitor engagement which, when calculated together, will give you the two best places to insert your CTAs.

86.2% of visitor engagement is below the fold


What’s this mean?

Putting your CTA above the fold will be seen by 100% of visitors, but 86.2% aren’t ready to engage yet. They need to be buttered up, lathered or any other type of Thanksgiving turkey preparation verb before they’re ready to move on.

Simply put, they’ll need to read more information about your technology and if it can solve their problem before submitting to a demo.

What to do with your CTA: Do not insert above the fold. (Surprised?!)

Most visitors read about 50% of an article


What’s this mean?

If most people give up reading halfway through an article, one of two scenarios has likely happened:

  1. They’ve decided they just aren’t interested (bad!) or
  2. They’ve decided they’ve gotten enough value and are ready for the next step (good!)

Simply put, at the 50% mark a high volume of people ARE ready to convert.

What to do with your CTA: Insert an anchor text CTA approximately halfway through the article.

20% of people actually read an entire article

What’s this mean?

These committed prospects have read through your entire article…way to keep them engaged! At this point, one of two scenarios is likely happening:

  1. They’ve found value in your content, but aren’t quite ready for a demo yet (that’s OK…it can take time) or
  2. They’re now convinced that your technology solution is something they want to learn more about and are ready for a demo (good!)

Simply put, for the 20% who make it this far, there is a high percentage they are ready to convert.

What to do with your CTA: Insert a large CTA graphic at the bottom of every post. 

Don't miss out on conversions

By only inserting one CTA in your blog posts, you could be missing out on conversions since not all readers are ready to “click” at the same time. While we certainly don’t recommend adding 5+ CTAs in every blog post (too pushy!), 2-3 is definitely acceptable…if they’re strategically spread out throughout the post.

Learn how to use CTAs effectively and bolster your marketing efforst with inbound marketing in our B2B Tech Marketer's Guide to Inbound!)