The funnel has retired, and the flywheel has taken its place. Your tech sales and marketing efforts should no longer be focused on spitting out a customer at the end of the process, but instead, leveraging your customer even after the sale has been made.

In this post, we’ll explore how marketers should be thinking about the flywheel as it relates to their full service B2B tech marketing plan.

Flywheel Revolution

When you are looking for a new restaurant to try, do you read what the restaurant says about themselves, or what restaurant customers are saying? What about when you need a plumber to come fix your sink? Do you ask your family and friends for a recommendation? 

At the beginning of this new decade, the power is with the customer. They are at the center of everything we do as marketers.

This is why the flywheel is taking over.

The flywheel in action: full service B2B tech sales

The flywheel concept is simple:


Provide useful content and eliminate barriers so that visitors can learn about your tech company or product.


Create relationships. Let customers engage with you how they want to and when they want to.


If your customer was successful, then so were you. Help the customer reach their goal and become advocates for your tech company.


Customers are at the center of the Flywheel, which is representative of our businesses. Customers come first—they are at the center, and if it wasn’t for our customers, we wouldn’t be in business.

Make That Wheel Spin!

In order to make the wheel spin, you want to reduce any possible friction. Try to eliminate friction at each stage of the flywheel in order to help both you and your customers succeed.

make the flywheel spin from giphy

The more friction you reduce, the more the wheel keeps spinning, and the more the process cycles through. Your delighted customer becomes an advocate and a repeat customer.

And unlike the traditional funnel method, the relationship doesn’t end after the sale.

HubSpot Service Hub

Feeling overwhelmed transitioning from the funnel to the flywheel?

Don’t fret! HubSpot has introduced the Service Hub to help you deliver the best customer service experience.

The Service Hub is built with the marketing, sales, and services teams in mind. The tool helps you engage more customers across new channels. It even provides data driven customer insights to help you take the right action.

Interested in what else the HubSpot Service Hub has to offer? Kiwi is a Platinum HubSpot Agency. We can help you use the platform to create amazing customer experiences for your tech company. 

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Making it All Come to Life

You now know the importance of shifting to the flywheel process, and you know that HubSpot can help you and your team make the transition.

But, did you know that 78% of top tech marketers say they prioritize providing the right content to the right person at the right time? Their flywheels are definitely spinning!

Here’s what you can do to make your customer experience better and to keep your flywheel moving:

  1. Anticipate – Does your customer seem like they are tech-minded or might need a little extra coaching? Use context clues to anticipate the needs your customer has.
  2. Personalize – Take good notes when talking to your customer. While writing down the technical details of the call is important, challenge yourself to write down something personal that stands out. If the customer has to call back in the future, this is a nice way for you or your colleague to make a personal connection and form a relationship with the customer.
  3. Own it - Make it easy for customers to follow up. Nothing can be more frustrating than thinking you found a solution just to find out it actually doesn’t work. Give your customer an easy way to contact you for follow up so they don’t have to go through the process all over again.

When your customers are happy, your flywheel spins freely. And, your clients spread the love thru referrals. 

If you want to learn more about the flywheel or how the customer experience can play a role in your marketing plan, don’t hesitate to give us a holler by filling out the form below.