Advertising & Tattoos: Same Rules Apply

 Tattoos are one of the oldest (and most permanent!) forms of advertising and design. So before you get inked, you’ll need to think like the pros over here at Kiwi Creative and consider these three components that are a part of any good advertising campaign:

Media Placement = Where are you placing your tattoo?

Whether you’re dealing with a radio commercial or a tattoo, “media” placement is everything. (See our blog post on the importance of media planning.) And just like a media planner, you’ll need to balance location and cost by using a good strategy for your tattoo. Sure, you may have your heart set on a biblical quote inked on your ribcage, but that’s a difficult area to tattoo so you’ll be charged a premium for that location. Just as you’ll be charged more to produce an old-fashioned print billboard versus a digital billboard…more time + more effort = more money. Pick a standard tattoo location, like your upper arm or back, to save money if it won’t compromise the integrity of your message.

Target Audience = Who are you trying to reach with your tattoo?

As an outward expression of art (yes, even if you think no one will ever see that little butterfly on your inner thigh), most tattoos are meant to resonate with a specific target audience. If your goal is to piss off your dad, get a big ol’ skull and crossbones in a highly visible place. And if you’re PETA, should put out controversial advertising meant to shock/startle/spur animal lovers into action. Either way, it’s all advertising meant to give off a certain message to a specific group of people. Think about what your tattoo will say to your intended audience before you get inked.

Design Elements = Does your tattoo’s font fit the message?

When you design any form of advertising, you want the message to match the art because it should give consumers one cohesive feeling. You can’t pair the font “Joker” font with an advertisement for a funeral home, just as you shouldn’t pair a heavy blackletter font with tattoo of a dolphin jumping over a rainbow. 

So now that you’ve read up on how good advertising strategy also applies to getting a tattoo, feel free to go get inked. In need of more inspiration? Check out these designer-rific sites for awesome tattoo ideas:

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Jessica Laurello

Written by Jessica Laurello

Jessica Laurello is a media specialist with a degree in Advertising from Syracuse University.

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