Arrested for DUI? Smart Lawyer Advertises on Bar's Wristband.

As a college kid home on summer break, I discovered this interesting advertisement on my wrist after a night of drinking with friends. I actually didn’t realize what the wristband said until I went to take it off the next day, but I have to say it did make me “lol” because it was such a brilliant advertising strategy for a law office specializing in DUI defense. (And no, I didn’t drive drunk…my friend gave me a ride home from the bar.) 

I guess I just have an unusual appreciation for witty advertising like this because it’s exactly why I chose copywriting as a career path. I mean, it's unusual that you see something as serious as a law office advertised at a bar, but if I ever DID need a lawyer after a crazy night of drinking then this law firm definitely would have stayed top of mind.

Take note, small businesses: these types of creative ad placements are what makes your brand relatable and memorable. Not only did I chuckle at the clever wristband, but I also talked about it with all of my friends, took a picture on my phone and posted in to Twitter. Talk about word of mouth and social media reach!

As a disclaimer, after doing a bit of research I found out that this law office is actually located in South Carolina (not my native Cleveland, Ohio). Turns out the local bar owner simply bought these extra wristbands at a huge discount by the original printing company. But really that’s beside the point.

So cheers to The Law Office of H. Chase Harbin—you’re way cooler than your average criminal defense lawyer! 

(Image from Reddit.)

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Jessica Laurello

Written by Jessica Laurello

Jessica Laurello is a media specialist with a degree in Advertising from Syracuse University.

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