Free, cheap and (mostly) easy tactics to promote your tech business

Chances are, you’re not working with an unlimited budget.

Whether you’re a tech start-up or a billion dollar tech giant, quick-win promotional tactics can always come in handy.

Here’s a quick list of a variety of tactics to promote your tech business today.

1. Free content templates

Experienced marketers, you can right move along because you probably already have this one down pat.

But if you’re not already creating content that your prospective buyers actually want to read, or, if you’re not creating content as quickly as you would like, here’s some free content templates from HubSpot to get you started.



2. Free CRM

It’s 2018, but I still run into software and tech companies who are STILL not using a CRM (customer relationship management) tool.

If you’re saving key business contacts in a mile-high stack of cards on your desk, or if you’re searching through your inbox to follow up with contacts, then you’re long overdue for a CRM tool.



And you have no excuse not to! HubSpot offers a completely free CRM to keep track of your contacts, manage your pipeline, and start to gather meaningful insights as to what your prospects are doing.

3. Free prospecting tools

While “inbound marketing” is the name of the game, there is still very much a place for outbound tactics. If you’re looking to do some prospecting on a budget, use the LinkedIn search functionality to hone in on WHO you want to talk to. 


Then, take those names over to Hunter.IO to gather contact info. gives you info 100 contacts FREE every month!

4. Free website chat

Website chat is becoming more and more common on the consumer side, and B2B software and tech is no different. In fact, website chat is quickly become an expectation for many of your website visitors.

You can get started with a free website chat from Drift, or can you check out this directory of all of the chatbot platforms available today.

If you’re just getting started with chat, we recommend venturing outside the common prompt “do you have any questions?”. Check out this list of chat prompts that really help convert website visitors.

5. Free SEO in 2018 checklist

SEO is a BIG topic. But when done right, SEO can work for you to put your tech business in front of the right audience. There’s frankly a lot to it, and if you’re serious about taking SEO head-on, we recommend the book “SEO in 2018” by Adam Clarke.

But if you decide to jump right in, the book pairs with a free SEO checklist.

6. Free backlinks

Piggy-backing off of SEO is backlinks, which plays a big role in your ability to be easily found by your potential customers. To make yourself more visible online, add you site to these high-quality business directories:

7. LinkedIn Publishing

LinkedIn Publishing is LinkedIn’s platform for creating original content. You can share articles, blog posts or press releases there directly. BUT, it’s also a great place to “tease” your content and point people back to your website.

Consider sharing the first half of the list there, then linking off to your website to have people read the rest. Here’s an example of an article I wrote where I took that approach.

8. Free Stock Images

Good marketing requires the power of visual communication. If you need stock imagery for your marketing materials, check out for beautiful and completely free stock images.


9. Speaking engagements

Speaking at industry events and conferences is a great way to promote your tech business. To find conferences to speak at, head over to event platforms like Eventbrite, and search for your keywords (e.g., healthcare IT). 


Then, use the advanced search to look for events between 4-12 months from now—they are the ones probably still looking for speakers!

10. Google AdWords on Trade Shows

Exhibiting at a trade show soon? Take out an ad on the different variations of the trade show name. More often than not, attendees search for the trade show name vs going to the site direct, and they’ll see your name first.


Just make sure you create a dedicated landing page that speaks to those attendees directly.

In closing

The possibilities are ENDLESS when it comes to promotional campaigns and tactics. But with these quick win tactics, you'll be a marketing rockstar in no time.